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Jero van Moserbear - Rottweiler Male

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Jero van Moserbear - Stud Male Rottweiler

D.O.B 09.02.2011
HHSB NHSB 2854275
Height/Weight 68cm / 59kg
Training IPO1
Results BOB and 13 times V1
Hips/Elbows Frei/Frei


Sire: Arzadons Zato

Dam: Aksa van Moserbear

Adding Jero van Moserbear to my kennel was a dream come true. He has been tearing up the show ring in Europe the last couple years. In 2013, at Germany’s ADRK Klubseiger (the most important Rottweiler show in the world), Jero went V4 (fourth place) in his class against some of the best Rottweilers the world had to offer. Since that time, he has become Multi-Best Young Male, Multi-Best of Breed, and won his class 13 times. This summer, he just missed winning his class at the 2015 IFR World Championships, coming in second place (V2) in a very tough Champion Male Class. It was a great showing and great results for Jero in one of the biggest Rottweiler shows in the World. However, less than a month later, at the ADRK Brandenburgsieger, Jero would not be denied. That time, not only did he win the Champion Male Class (V1), but he went on to win Best Male at the Show!

There is no getting around Jero’s impressive size and substance which has earned him the nickname “The Beast.” He is a very large powerful male, with fantastic bone (probably enough for two dogs) and strong, beautiful, well-knuckled feet. He has a strong masculine head, with a great stop, a strong jaw and muzzle, in correct proportion. He has dark eyes and a dark mouth. His chest and fore chest are exceptionally well-developed. His front and rear angulation are good, with a good top and bottom line. He is powerful on the move with very good reach and drive.

Jero’s nickname may be “The Beast” because of his appearance. However, that moniker does not entirely fit with Jero’s temperament. The sentiment that I continue to hear from those who get to meet Jero and spend time with him is that he is THE proverbial “Big Teddy Bear.” Jero has earned his IPO1 evidencing his strong focus and drive. Anyone who has seen him in or around the ring can attest to this drive and focus. Even more so, anyone who has seen him on the Schutzhund field can attest to his drive, focus, and working ability. He is no couch potato and will never be permitted to be so. However, where Jero seems happiest and most content is relaxing among people. He seems to have never met a stranger, and absolutely eats up attention from everyone. His temperament is exactly what a real Rottweiler should be!

There is no doubt that Jero is exceptional in type and temperament. However, equally impressive is his pedigree. Not only does Jero have the highest hip and elbow rating available in Europe (HD: Free, ED: Free), but so do both his parents and all four of his grandparents Just as impressive as the health of the dogs in his pedigree is the success of those dogs. Jero is the son of Arzadons Zato, the only dog to ever beat the legendary Djuke vom Vilstaler Land twice, back-to-back. Jero is the grandson of the great Arzadons Tayson, the most winning Rottweiler ever. And, he is the great grandson of IFR World champion Gonzzo Earl Antonius. These are just a few of the great dogs in Jero’s pedigree, which you can see below.

Jero van Moserbear is not only impressive in the ring and on the Schutzhund field, but he is a pleasure to be with anywhere. He is truly a phenomenal representative of the breed!

Jero van Moserbear is co-owned by my very good friend Ronald Pangilinan.



Show Results for Jero van Moserbear

Place Title  Class Judge

Amsterdam Winner Show

V1 and Youth Winner Intermediate Class
Rob Douma (FCI-Netherlands)
04.13.2013 Slovania Klubsieger V1 Intermediate Class Werner Walter (ADRK)

Dr. Konrad-Adenauer-Shau


V2 Intermediate Class

Helmut Weiler


04.14.2013 Senza Frontiere V3 Intermediate Class Uwe Peterman (ADRK)
ADRK - BG Rheinhausen Oestrum
Reinhold Richtscheid
V1 and Jugendsieger
Intermediate Class Uwe Peterman (ADRK)
08.17.2013 ADRK Klubsieger V4 Intermediate Class Hans-Jurgen Radtke (ADRK)


V1 and Winner Open Male Class Dhr Stefanescu Christian (FCI-Romania)


V2 Champion Male Class Dhr. G. Ioannidis (FCI-Australia)

Danmark Klubsieger

V1 and BOB Champion Male Class Uwe Pettermann (ADRK)

ADRK Allgau-Bodensee-Schau

V1 Champion Male Class Prof. Dr. P. Friedrich (ADRK)



V1 Champion Male Class Edgar Hellmann (ADRK)
06.21.2015 Kosmaj Sieger Show V1 Champion Male Class N. Abgelofski 
03.21.2015 M.Á.R.K. V. ABA-Cup Winner CAC Rottweiler Kutya Dog Show V1 and Winner Champion Male Class Bianka Miksic Kasum (FCI-Croatia)
05.08.2015 VDH-Europasieger + Internationale Ausstellung V2 Champion Male Class Claudia Wolf-Meixner (ADRK)
05.17.2015 IFR World Show V2 Champion Male Class Erika Stepanauskiene (FCI-Lithuania)
06.07.2015 ADRK Brandenburgsieger V1 and Best Male Champion Male Class Siegmund Trebschuh (ADRK)

Kincsem Gold Cup Sieger

V1 Champion Male Class

Tatyana Popova (FCI-Russia)


Pannonia Sieger

V1 Champion Male Class Erika Stepanauskiene (FCI-Lithuania)

Willi Hedtke Gedachtnis-Schau

V1 Champion Class Male Edgar Hellmann (ADRK)

 AIRK 2015 MARK Sieger Show & ZTP  

Mooresville, NC

V2  Champion Class Male Erika Stepanauskiene (FCI-Lithuania) 

AIRK National Sieger Show    Charleston, SC  

V1 and National Sieger  Working Class Male

Milorad Tapovicki (FCI) 


  SMWRK RKNA SE Regional Seiger Show 

 V2 Working Class Male

Bianka Miksic Kasun   


CORK RKNA Breed Show and Standard Evaluation Test, ZTP, & BH

Milton, Ontario Canada

V2 Working Class Male

Siegmund Trebschuh (ADRK)


MARK Sieger Show and ZTP 

 V2 Champion Class Male

 Jouni Nummela (FCI- Finland)

Pedigree for Jero van Moserbear

Arzadons Zato

WS25958901 / 2005

HD-Frei ED-Frei

BH, SchH/VPG 3

Arzadons Tayson

DKK 14025/2003

HD-frei ED-frei

BH, IPO 3, and Multi Ch.

Barni od Dragicevica

DKK 04703/2002

HD-frei ED-2


Arzadons Nancy

DKK 06046/2001

HD frei ED frei

IPO1 and Denmark Ch.

Ajka Iz Stiske Doline

DKK 10543/2004

HD-Frei ED-Frei

IPO I  and Denmark Ch.

Morro vom Hause Marker

ADRK 096186,1997

HD-frei ED-frei

Sch/VPG 1, AD, BH, and Yug. Ch.

Kimba Ri Mobby Dick

JRSP 701871RW, 1998

HD frei  ED frei

Jr. Serbian Ch.

Aksa van Moserbear

NHSB 2657243

HD frei ED  frei

Netherlands Ch.

Rex von der Bleichstrasse

ADRK 109370, 2004

HD frei ED frei

VDH Ch., and Sch/VPG 3/BH

Emil von der Bleichstrasse

ADRK 103632, 2000

HD frei ED frei

Sch/VPG 3/BH

Gwen von der Bleichstrasse

ADRK 104065, 2000

IPO 3 / Sch/VPG 3 / BH

HD-frei, ED +/-

Pasha Earl Antonius

NHSB 2542573, 2004

HD frei Ed frei

Gonzzo Earl Antonius

JR 84790 RW, 2002

HD +/-, ED +/-

Multi-Champion / IPO I

Aksa Elez Rot

JR 712554 RW, 2001

HD +/-, ED +/-


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