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Our Foundation Female and Stud Rottweilers were imported from the best bloodines available.



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At the 2016 MARK Sieger Show and ZTP, in Mooresville, NC, Lili Earl Antonius one Best Adult Female. Hero vom Hause Harless won Best Youth Male. Bonny vom Hause Harless won 1st Place (V1) in Bred by Class and won first place Brood Bitch. And Vom Hause Harless won 1st Place Kennel Class (Best Kennel).

At the 2016 CORK RKNA Breed Show and Standard Evaluation Test, ZTP, & BH, in Milton, Ontario Canada, on June 4-5, 2016, Lili Earl Antonius, won 1st place in the Working Female Class, then went on to win Siegerin (Best Adult Female), and then went on to win Best of Breed for the entire show!  Bonny vom Hause Harless won 4th place in the Open Female Class out of 21 entries, and also won 1st place in the Brood Bitch Class!



























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For a limited time, both Rex Timit-Tor and TK's Lamborghini are available at vom Hause Harless Rottweilers for breeding to females of merit! Please see our Stud Dog page for more information.

Lili Earl Antonius wins Best Adult Female and

Hero vom Hause Harless wins Best Youth Male at the

2016 MARK Sieger Show and ZTP

German Rottweiler Hero vom Hause HarlessLili Earl Antonius - Best of Breed

Welcome to the Internet home of Vom Hause Harless Rottweilers. My name is Terry Tiller, and I am the founder and owner of Vom Hause Harless Rottweilers. I bought my first Rottweiler in the 1980’s. I am a small code of ethics breeder located in Charlotte, North Carolina. My goal is to produce exactly what you think of when you think of outstanding Rottweilers bred from German Rottweilers or European Rottweilers: correct structure and head type, great temperament, great health, and the will and ability to work.

When most people think of a “dog show” they think of a “beauty contest” for dogs. However, the correct term for dog shows is a confirmation show or breed show, and the goal of conformation or breed shows is to evaluate dogs to see how well they conform to the breed standard – or how much in looks, temperament, and health, they represent what a Rottweiler should be. Only by making sure that our dogs conform to the breed standard, can breeders ensure that they are producing true Rottweilers.

The ADRK is Germany’s official governing organization for Rottweilers, and the ADRK’s Rottweiler breed standard sets the standard for Rottweilers around The World. Winning an ADRK Rottweiler confirmation show is proof that the dog conforms to what Germany and the World agree a Rottweiler should be. Winning or finishing at the top of a MAJOR ADRK Rottweiler confirmation show is proof positive to The World that the Rottweiler is among the best in The World. German’s two most important annual Rottweiler shows, and therefore the World’s most important shows, are the ADRK Klubsieger and the ADRK World Show.

The cornerstone of any great Rottweiler breeding program is great female Rottweilers. Vom Hause Harless is proud to say that we have 3 of the top import female Rottweilers in the World as evidenced by their results in these two German confirmation shows.

Rottweiler female germany
At the 2011 ADRK Klubsieger, Bonita vom Wilden Westen beat 45 other dogs in her class, on her way to being awarded the title Auslandjugendsiegerin, or the BEST YOUNG FOREIGN FEMALE. This title is even more impressive in a show where nearly 80% of the dogs were foreign dogs. The title ADRK Auslandjugendsiegerin is one of the most coveted title in the Rottweiler world. Although winning that title is Bonita’s crowning achievement in the confirmation ring, it is far from her only achievement. Bonita has won her class 13 times to date. Since coming to the United States, she has been awarded Siegerin (Best Adult Female) and Best in Show.
My second import Rottweiler female is Tonka Earl Antonius. At the 2011 ADRK Klubsieger, she competed alongside Bonita vom Wilden Westen in the same class. As stated above, Bonita won that class. However, Tonka won second place, defeating the other 44 dogs in that class, losing only to Bonita vom Wilden Westen. As with Bonita, Tonka’s success at the 2011 ADRK Klubsieger is not her only achievement in the ring. Tonka has won her class 26 times to date. She is multi-Siegerin (Best Adult Female), multi-Junior Best of Breed, Best of Breed, and Best in Show. In winning these titles, she has defeated some of the best and most famous dogs in the world, including one of the most well-known World Champions in the history of the breed.

lili earl antonius - rottweiler female 37 headshot.jpg

It’s hard to know where to begin when talking about my newest import female, Lili Earl Antonius. If winning either the ADRK Klubsieger or ADRK World Show places a Rottweiler among the World’s most elite, winning both shows places a dog among the most elite of all time. At the inaugural 2014 ADRK World Show, Lili won her class and earned the title of Young World Winner, meaning she was the Best Young Dog at the show. However, Lili was not done there. When she, as the Best Young Dog at the show completed against the Adult World Winner, Imperator vom Haus Zschammer, she did what most thought was impossible when she defeated Imperator to earn the title of Best of Breed, or the Best Dog at the show! With this win behind her, Lili could have retired as one of the best Rottweilers alive. However, just a short time later, Lili competed in the 2014 ADRK Klubsieger. There, Lili beat 52 other females in her class and won the title of ADRK Auslandjugendsiegerin, or BEST YOUNG FOREIGN FEMALE. With these two wins at the two most important Rottweiler shows in The World, Lili has ensured her spot in history as one of the best and most correct Rottweilers of all time.

Vom Hause Harless is the only Kennel in North America to have two ADRK Klubsieger Auslandjuendsiegerins. The fact that one of them is also the ADRK Best of Breed and Young World Winner makes it all the better.

Although I firmly believe that any successful Rottweiler breeding program starts with great females, no breeding program can be complete without outstanding males. When deciding which Rottweiler stud males to use in my breeding program, not only do I choose the best available males in the world, but I choose those males that I believe best compliment my females. I have never, and will never, breed any female to a Rottweiler stud because it was convenient to breed to that male, because there was no better male available at the time, or because of financial considerations. I breed with the intention of improving the breed, and breeding the next great Rottweiler. If I do not 100% believe that a planned breeding will improve the breed and has the potential to produce the next great Rottweiler, I do not allow that breeding. The proof of this philosophy can be seen in the males I have in my kennel as well as my recent breedings. If you take a quick look on my Rottweiler Stud Dogs page at these breedings, you will see a list of stud males that includes ADRK KS Auslandsiegers, an ADRK KS Auslandjugendsieger, IFR World Champions, and other dogs that are the best Germany and the rest of Europe have to offer. You will also see my stud males, that are among the best available in the United States and the world!


Barbossa-Rotvis od Vadanora is 9 times V1 (first place) rated and went Best of Breed and National Junior Best of Breed before he turned 2 years old. At the 2013 ADRK Klubsieger the most important Rottweiler show in the world, Barbossa went V8 against the best Rottweilers Europe and the rest of the world had to offer. He accomplished this amazing feat at just 18 months of age.  Since bringing him to the US, Barbossa has gone 2 times Best Adult Male and a Best in Show!  Barbossa has a very dark mouth, dark eyes, a world class front, good rear angulation, a rock solid topline, and a beautiful coat with great markings. However, when people first see Barbossa, they cannot help but notice and comment on his head. When people think or talk about German or European Rottweilers with their big block heads, what they are thinking about is Barbossa. Few male Rottweilers in the world have a headpiece that can compare to Barbossa’s. Barbossa-Rotvis od Vadanora is co-owned with my good friend, Matt Earnest, of Vom Hause Earnest Rottweilers.

lili earl antonius - rottweiler female 37 headshot.jpgJero van Moserbear is our most recent import Rottweiler stud male. Jero is having the show career most people dream of for their dog. He is multi V1 (first in his class), and not only did he start out as a Netherlands Youth Champion, but now as an adult, he is a Champion of both The Netherlands as well as of Serbia. At the 2013 ADRK KS, he went V4 (fourth place) in the Champion Class. At the 2015 IFR World Show, he went V2 (second place) in his class. He was won BOB at the 2014 Denmark Klubsieger. Since arriving in the United States, Jero earn top honors for a male at the AIRK Nationals, when he won AIRK National Sieger or Best Male. Jero is one amazing boy, and I'm proud to say that he is co-owned with my good friend, Ronald Pangilinan!

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